Document And Parcel Deliveries

Getting document and parcel deliveries in Singapore is actually a really easy task to do and there is nothing much for you as a consumer to do and here are the many awesome reasons why.

  • There are many companies in Singapore which are willing to help you do both document and/or parcel deliveries within the island of Singapore. Most of them are local courier companies in Singapore and are trustworthy. Of course, you should ideally search for any relevant reviews online about their courier deliveries before you go and approach them.
  • Due to the many incentives by the government to build businesses based on and leveraged by technology, top courier companies in Singapore use technology ranging from mobile applications to modern notification methods to keep their clients satisfied and allow them to keep track of deliveries.
  • Most couriers who deliver documents are motorcyclists while those that actually deliver parcels are car drivers or van drivers. This is because motorcyclists would only be able to deliver a few items each time if they were to pick up parcels. (This is not a particular benefit but just something I would like to share with you).
  • Most courier companies in Singapore would charge different prices based on the weight of documents and parcels. Additionally, documents and parcels generally have a different price list simply because they are usually carried by different types of couriers (motorcyclists/bikers vs car/van drivers). However, if you send items in bulk, you can actually deliver goods very differently compared to people who only deliver a few items because of economies of scale as long as you’re able to guarantee a minimum amount of deliveries each month of either documents or parcels (although this is usually the case for Singapore E-commerce businesses)
  • Because most courier companies in Singapore have a website, you could simply Google for courier services and you would be able to find many corporate websites, and all you have to do is then pick one from there which seems reliable, offers reasonable pricing and is responsive to customer enquiries (eg your enquiries etc).

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