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Night And Weekend Delivery Surcharges

If you have never gotten any kind of goods or documents delivered within Singapore before, what you will realize is that all couriers charge surcharges for night and weekend deliveries if you have ad hoc deliveries. Perhaps only for people (consumers or businesses) who have high volume of deliveries (e.g. E-commerce companies), courier companies might offer waivers on such extra charges.

However, for the vast majority of customers, courier services in Singapore would have a small fee for such deliveries. So please do not be alarmed if you were charged that. It is simply because most couriers do not work on week nights as well as weekends, and so the courier company would have to pay them more to keep them motivated to help deliver goods on such timings (e.g. night and weekends).

How about public holidays? Are there companies which deliver goods or documents on public holidays in Singapore? I believe there is, but only an extremely small minority of couriers would be willing to do it. Hence, be prepared to pay a special premium on that day. However, in general, it is still cheaper to pay a courier for his or her services than it is to take a cab to-and-fro. This is reason why courier services are still higher popular in Singapore – because cabs and cars are not exactly cheap, while public transport can be really crowded and slow.

All in all, even with the weekend and night surcharges for deliveries in Singapore, I can say that it is still much more efficient and affordable to get a courier service to help you out. No point cabbing around or lugging along your package or document on public transport. Just get a reliable courier service and all your troubles would be solved! You would not even need to step out of your house’s doorstep. How much more efficient and convenient can it be? :))

Fast Deliveries In Singapore?

If you are a business that sells things such as fresh produce through an E-commerce business storefront, then it’s important that you get only the fastest deliveries in Singapore so that your products would be able to reach your customers’ hands on time while they are still fresh. Speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to businesses which require such fast deliveries to their consumers.

How should you negotiate with the courier company if you want such fast deliveries though? It is well known that fast deliveries would require a higher price than normal rate deliveries. This is otherwise known as the urgent class of courier service as most courier companies in Singapore term them as.

First of all, there are several key things that courier companies look at when pricing their services. They are namely, pick up location, recipient’s locations, requirement for time slot deliveries (if any), weight and physical dimensions of the documents or package.

Therefore, if you know that you would require a lot of things based on the timing, then you might want to negotiate with the Singapore courier company based on the other factors.

For example, if your pick up location is from central Singapore, then your charges for pick up would generally be minimal.

Next, it is likely that your recipient locations (if you run an urgent delivery E-commerce business) would be all around the island of Singapore, hence, it would be unlikely that you can use this as a leverage point during your negotiations.

However, if you have a relatively high volume of deliveries, then you would be able to use volume as a leverage point to negotiate for more discounts. Generally speaking, the greater the volume of deliveries you require, the greater the discount per delivery.

The above are some of the main points that you might want to use as a form of leverage when negotiating with the courier services firm.