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How To Choose A Courier Service In Singapore?

Deciding on singapore local courier services might not be as simple and straightforward as you might realize.

You don’t simply pay a fixed fee for delivery to every part of Singapore and for all timings. You might only be able to pay a fixed fee for all deliveries if you are an E-commerce company which can negotiate with the local courier company because you might have a guaranteed high volume of deliveries.

However, if you’re just sending things on an ad-hoc basis in Singapore, then it is important to understand the ways that businesses in Singapore price their courier services.

The following are some of the most common elements that these Singapore local courier companies will actually use to set their pricing:

  • Weight of the document or parcel to be delivered
  • Physical dimensions of the parcel(s) in L x H x W (usually they will add up these 3 dimensions and set prices based on their ranges)
  • Pick up and delivery timings (e.g. if they are considered urgent or not, if they are specific timings or not, if they are night deliveries or not)
  • Pick up point
  • Delivery point

The above factors would virtually affect the pricing of all courier companies in Singapore.

First of all, the heavier the weight of the document or parcel, the more expensive it would be.

Second of all, the larger the parcel, the more expensive it would be. This is because courier services cannot send their dispatch riders to send your goods, and they need to get their van or car drivers to do it.

Third of all, if you have very specific pick up and delivery timings, the courier would need to arrange his or her other deliveries around your timing, hence making it less convenient for them to perform your deliveries – thus they would usually charge a higher fee for such deliveries.

Fourth of all, pick up point and delivery points may affect the pricing, and generally does because if your delivery is made between two very far places in Singapore (e.g. from one end to another), it would definitely not be cheap. Even if you took a cab to and fro, it would cost you at least $40-50 – so be reasonable and don’t scrimp and complain when a courier services company charge you that amount.

Alright, the above should encompass most of the major factors that you might want to consider before engaging a courier company by helping you better understand the pricing model of courier services locally within Singapore.