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Outlook of logistics industry

With the rapid technology advancements in this decade, many market players in Singapore are working towards constant technology innovation in their companies. Everyone is afraid that their technology and business processes become obsolete and replaced by a competitor with superior technology. Technology, in these days, is able to disrupt a whole industry. Take for example, Uber, a private taxi hailing app. With its superior technology, it is able to disrupt the taxi industry around the world. Things has gone so far that some governments stepped in to banned Uber in order to protect their own domestic taxi industry.

So, how will technology be able to affect the logistics industry and what is the outlook of it in the coming 30 years?

Firstly, we have to understand that all couriers and deliverymen depend heavily on their mode of transportation such as their cars and bikes currently to help them carry out their delivery. In the event technology is able to make their existing vehicles faster or create another vehicle that can enable the couriers to fulfill their deliveries faster, market players in the logistics industry have to switch to the new technology in order to make sure their delivery duration do not lag behind the others. Is it possible in the coming 30 years? Well, it may be highly possible that people will be able to create a faster car or bike so courier companies have to adjust to this new speed and demands of customers. There may even have flying cars soon. If you are slow, you will be eliminated.

Secondly, is there possibility of the couriers and deliverymen being replaced by technology’s works such as robots? Well, this may be possible too. Some huge companies in the world such as Amazon and Ebay are experimenting with drones and mobile robot vehicles to carry out the deliveries. If the projects are successful, there will be a huge loss of jobs as they will be replaced by these drones and robots which may be able to fulfill the deliveries faster, more accurately, and at a cheaper price.

Thirdly, will there be constant demand for it? Of course, logistics industry will stay forever. Most businesses will choose to outsource their logistics operations to a logistics company. It is not wise to carry out all operations in-house unless your company is really very big and is able to achieve scale of economy in all operations.

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Expectations of a good courier company

I have been in the logistics industry for 17 years. I know exactly what customers expect of logistics companies and how to run a logistics company well. There are some basic rules and expectations a good logistics company need to fulfill in order to survive and prosper in this logistics industry.

1. Always be on time. In every other industries and occasions, being on time display your professionalism and positive and sincere attitude to meeting the other party. One will not be too happy if his/her counterparty is constantly late for meetings or appointments. Punctuality is especially important in the logistics industry where time is really of the essence. The businesses outsourcing their logistics needs to the courier company may urgently need their documents or parcels delivered to their recipients on the double quick time. It is part of the deal that the delivery has to be carried out within a certain time-frame.

2. Be accountable. If a business is capable of outsourcing its logistics operations to a courier company, the volume must be huge. There may be tens and hundreds of deliveries to fulfill everyday. The courier company will need to manage all these fast-paced deliveries well and report to their clients promptly. It is natural for clients to request for delivery reports or updates on their daily operations. Hence, the courier company will need to keep track of all operations and be accountable for all deliveries. Currently, photo evidence depicting the delivery note containing the signature of the recipients is a basic tool courier companies are using to report to their clients.

3. Be able to take in sudden huge volume. A good courier company must have the ability to take in sudden unexpected volume of jobs. Clients’ businesses may fluctuate quite significantly from day to day or month to month, and requires all parts of their operations to support the varied demand, include their outsourced logistics. If the logistics company is not big enough to have some slack and cater to unexpected demands, the clients will lose business for naught.

The above three points are essential expectations of a good courier company. In Singapore, a courier company calls PCA Masters and RoadMasters meets all the above three points. Personally, I prefer PCA Masters. If you have any logistics work that you want to outsource, you can send PCA Masters enquiry.