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Understanding The Courier Industry

Many people know about large courier companies like Fedex and DHL, and many people in Singapore also know about local courier companies like PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/), Roadmasters and Regent. However, few people know what actually happens behind the scenes of these logistics and courier firms.

Let us seek to understand more about this actually complex industry otherwise known as the logistics and courier industry.

The international freight and logistics industry is much more complex to be described in terms of words, so the above video should help to explain a large part of how companies like Fedex and UPS works.

For the purpose of this blog and article, I shall be talking about courier deliveries within Singapore.

First and foremost, the moment you order something from a courier company like PCA Masters or Roadmaster, you’re definitely talking to either a sales representative from their company or an administrative staff (corporate side).

Now, after confirming the order(s) with you, they would immediately find out which courier is the closest to the pick up point in Singapore which you have specified. This is especially true for the case if it is an urgent delivery. They need the courier to reach the pick up point on time and promptly. Additionally, the courier company would need to make sure that the particular courier they are calling / contacting is able to deliver it on time too. This is because each courier would definitely have more than one delivery per day, and so they would need to deliver a lot of other goods and documents. Hence, not all of them who are near the pick up point are able to perform that said delivery.

After getting the courier, what essentially happens is that the person would pick up the document or parcel from the sender and keep it in his or her vehicle (either a motorcycle, van or car). Now, the courier will need to plan out his or her trip around Singapore to reach the designated delivery point. He or she would need to figure out which is the shortest and most efficient route to keep to his or her delivery timings. Top courier companies like PCA Masters are very strict with the standards of their deliverymen, and so if they are not on time, they would be fired easily. Hence, the personnel would also feel a sense of stress and pressure to perform for you.

After reaching the designated point of delivery, the assigned courier would then complete the order and would also let the recipient sign a consignment note (which would also be signed earlier on by the sender) as proof of receipt. This will then be communicated back to the courier services company who will then inform you (their client).

It may feel very convenient from the customer’s point of view, but in reality, it can be more complicated than it looks. However, in short, I would say that working with a smaller or local courier company is better because their processes are much simpler to follow for the normal consumer. You would not need to lug yourself through endless paper work just to get something delivered in Singapore. It will save you lots of time and efforts.